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OZKOSEOGLU was established in 1962 to produce industrial heating equipments. Subsequently, made construction and contracting of heavy industry plants; rolling mills, melting furnaces and heat treatment systems, with the licences of American, Swiss and French companies. Ozkoseoglu group of companies was born of the remarkable success of Ozkoseoglu Heat Industry; and currently take place in construction, building and tourism sectors, also in refractory and packaging industries. Ozkoseoglu has an important role on bread industry with leading technological development of dough processing systems for over 50 years in Turkey. **History** 1962 : Established for the production of industrial heating systems and constructiong of heavy industry plants 1973 : Production of Multi Deck ovens and dough processing equipments under the licence of W&P 1977 : First full automatic continious bread production line 1983 : Launched Rotary bread ovens 1998 : Pastry ovens 2005 : Steam pipe Multi Deck ovens Today, Ozkoseoglu has a wide product range from small pastry ovens to turn key industrial bread factories. Our products are used in 5 continents and 63 countries; with active users of 7.500 in Turkey and 1.620 worldwide. Ozkoseoglu factory is located in Istanbul, and have the total area of 17.000 m. **Annual production capacity is :** 1000 bead ovens 500 pastry ovens 1600 dough processing machines 20 full automatic bread production line
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Our company is formed by more experienced specialists under the name of ASL Bakery Machinery and considers the technology and economy comes first for satisfactory service the market. Our policy on innovation for more effective equipments and savings in operational costs helped us to achieve to be one of the most reputable companies in the market. Since we have been working and making machines in European standards, we consider the after sales services in top level importance. Not any achievements come from the incidents, therefore ASL Bakery Machinery is working hard for quality in machines and quality in services principal. Our target is not to be good, our target is to be the best for our customers who trust us. Hopping to be together in mutual and long term businesses, we most welcome all of your requests and questions.
Solem Bakery Machines is one of the leading production companies in bakery machine sector. Our company, which makes production in European standards, has gained trust of the customers not only in the production and sales stage but also in the after-sales service. Today, Solem serves in bakery, pastry and baked goods, restaurant chains, cafes, hotels and catering areas. As a manufacturer, Solem renews itself constantly by adopting the principles of quality service, quality products and absolute customer satisfaction and has never made concessions on its quality with its equipment and has always managed to keep its quality at a high level. Solem has established corporate values as a company while moving forward with firm steps towards the future. It provides service to its country, sector and young entrepreneurs with its disciplined work, trustworthiness, uncompromising quality, being competitive, pursuing continuous improvement and motivation as a result of all these.
In the early 1980s, most of the machinery and equipments used in the food industry were imported to Turkey. As a result, the first Alptekin generation took a decision to be the first to produce these machines and equipments in-house for their use and the local area, in around Malatya, Turkey. Since its first entrepreneurial step, our company has been constantly manufacturing and trading for over 30 years. In the 1990s, the importance of service sector over industrialization became apparent. For a better service, we expanded our manufacturing line and strengthened our R&D and service network. Considering the increasing customer demand and strategic trade, in the 2000s a new factory became operational in Istanbul and two new offices are opened in Romania and Moldova. With these developments, our company has been able to provide a better and faster service not only in Turkey but also to the customers outside Turkey. Alptekin Group produces a wide range of products. Our manufacturing line is equipped with the CNC technology to produce in high volumes while ensuring high quality products. Together with our highly experienced technical staff, our goal is to continue working to provide next-generation technologies and serve future generations. The second Alptekin generation is committed to follow the trade strategies of the first generations: expanding the operations slowly but confidently in a number of geographic locations, apply the latest technologies in the market of food processing machines and continue in forming a modern corporate structure and innovative emphasis on trade.
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We are a manufacturing company located in Konya / Turkey. We produce all kinds of bakery machinery and equipment with our experienced staff. We are in the industry for over twenty years producing reliable machines with reasonable prices.